Social Media Services

Do you wonder why your company’s blog — or, worse, your website — has no traffic? Have you been struggling in the search engine rankings? Social media is more than just grumpy cats and freaky dress memes. Way more. And if you haven’t yet figured out how to stand out in this crowded space (or if you haven’t even tried) we can help.

Allcot Media Inc. offers social media consulting services to complement our inbound marketing strategy and business writing services. We’ve worked with companies large and small, from Staten Island-based audio visual integrator JD Systems to PR firm KMB Communications to home automation and commercial control powerhouse Crestron Electronics.

Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive strategy that you can execute in-house, or you need someone on the front lines of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest sharing your company news, curating interesting industry content and monitoring what others are saying about your brand, we can help.