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Content reigns on the Internet. People love to share visual content, such as videos, infographics and memes. But 60 percent of the content on the Web is still text. There’s nothing like choosing the right words to pull readers in, evoking warm fuzzies in their hearts as they take a break and settle in for a story. If you have deep, meaningful stories to tell about your brand, you’ll want the right person to help you tell those stories.

Allcot-media-headshotThat’s what Allcot Media does, and has been doing for more than 20 years.

From blog posts to white papers, case studies to magazine features, newsletters to tweets, Allcot Media owner Dawn Allcot has been providing content that makes people laugh, think … and buy.

Browse my site to find out more or contact me to see how I can help you grow your business through powerful content marketing strategies, including blogging, newsletters, white papers, Web copy that converts, and full-service social media marketing campaigns.

Need content? Full-scale content marketing or editorial services? Powerful and consistent social media messaging? Allcot Media provides content and marketing solutions for today.