About Allcot Media, Inc.

Allcot Media Inc.’s principle, Dawn Allcot, has been providing feature articles, service-oriented pieces, blog posts, white papers, newsletters, and more for print and the Web for more than 20 years.

Current and recent clients and publishing credits include Crestron Electronics, Chase Bank, Verizon, Care.com, Sound & Communications magazine, MyMove.com, Mint.com, the AMEX Open Forum, Bella – NYC Magazine, Gina LaGuardia Editorial Services, KMB Communications, 24 Hour Data, the Cup of Comfort anthology series, and many, many more.

For decades, hundreds of websites and magazines have relied on Dawn Allcot and the Allcot Media team to tell the stories that will engage their readers and make a lasting impression.

Why Content Marketing Works for Small Businesses
The Internet changes constantly, but one thing stays the same: Content reigns.

You need high quality content to market your business online, stay at the top of the search engine rankings, and convert your leads to sales.

But merely high quality content isn’t cutting it anymore; there’s just too much out there. You need storytelling that gets to the heart of your customers’ pain points. Thought leadership that can really change minds. Content that stands out amongst the billions and billions of words, videos and pictures already online.

Readers don’t just settle in for entertainment when you tell them a good story. They have moments of clarity. They embrace your brand. In that moment, prospects become leads and leads become sales.

But I won’t just help you tell your story. I’ll look at every piece of content as part of a larger inbound marketing strategy. I’ll help you share your company’s unique stories over and over again, in different formats and in different ways. That’s where the real magic happens.

No Time to Write?
Most small business owners today know they need high quality, engaging content for their website and inbound marketing campaigns. But most don’t have the time, energy or skill to write it. Let me help and you’ll see the difference professionally created content makes in your small business marketing efforts.