“[Her]… writing is exceptional…”

“Dawn is one of the most professional and upstanding reporters I’ve had the pleasure and opportunity to work with. As a publicist, it takes effort on both parts to make sure that stories are a great fit, not just for clients but for the reporters as well. I met Dawn through a HARO query that she posted while pitching one of my clients that I felt she would be interested in.

Ever since then, we have kept up a constant email correspondence, even after I switched agencies. Dawn is happy to figure out ways for clients to be a good fit on stories she is working on, alerts her publicist contacts when she has an upcoming story or opportunity that may work for their clients, and takes the time to really hear the story angle being pitched.

She is not just pleasant to work with, but extremely friendly. Her stories and writing is exceptional and it is an honor to have her cover my clients in her pieces for the various outlets she writes for. Dawn is truly a publicist’s dream when it comes to working with reporters!”